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Fords Are Cheaper in Eufaula

Every Ford dealer, in the nation pays the same for each of their new ford cars and trucks in their inventory. Every dealer in Oklahoma has the same rebates and incentives no matter how big or how small the dealership may be. Ford Motor company makes it a level playing field across the nation.


Here at Eufaula Ford, however, we have a pricing advantage that dealers in Oklahoma City and Tulsa don't have. Since we are located in a small town we have a much lower overhead than the dealers in the big cities. Lower overhead means bigger discounts to you. So we can sell for less.

Our inventory includes all the popular Ford models and colors. If, however, we don’t have the perfect vehicle for which you are looking, give us an hour or so and we will get it through Ford’s dealer exchange service.


So you can get the price you want and the Ford car or truck you want at Eufaula Ford. Can it get any better? Yes it can. Visit most dealerships and it doesn't take long to conclude that their staff is out for your business and they want it today. They will do all the wrangling they can to keep you from leaving and get you off the lot and into an office where they can "close the deal."


But not at Eufaula Ford. You will find that we are more interested in helping you find the right vehicle that is going to meet all your needs and wants. Since we focus on your best interests and not ours, well . . .  the deal just kind of falls into place. Not ready to buy today? That's ok. We will get back together when you are ready. You won't find that attitude at many dealerships.


But then again, we aren't like other dealerships . . . you are our neighbor . . . not our customer. That makes a difference. Not from around here? Come to Eufaula Ford and you will feel like one of our neighbors even if you aren't.




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Model Research
  • 2016 Ford C-Max Hybrid in Eufaula, OK
    Ford C-Max Hybrid

    $24,170 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford Fiesta in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Fiesta

    $13,660 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford Focus in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Focus

    $16,775 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford Fusion in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Fusion

    $22,610 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford Fusion Energi in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Fusion Energi

    $33,120 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford Mustang in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Mustang

    $25,185 As Shown*

  • 2016 Ford Taurus in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Taurus

    $27,220 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford F-150 in Eufaula, OK
    Ford F-150

    $26,730 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford F-250 in Eufaula, OK
    Ford F-250

    $32,535 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford F-350 in Eufaula, OK
    Ford F-350

    $33,230 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford Edge in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Edge

    $28,950 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford Escape in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Escape

    $23,750 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford Expedition in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Expedition

    $47,125 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford Explorer in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Explorer

    $31,660 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford Flex in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Flex

    $30,025 As Shown*

  • 2016 Ford Transit Cargo Van in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Transit Cargo Van

    $30,960 As Shown*

  • 2016 Ford Transit Connect in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Transit Connect

    $22,675 As Shown*

  • 2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Transit Connect Wagon

    $24,825 As Shown*

  • 2017 Ford Transit Wagon in Eufaula, OK
    Ford Transit Wagon

    $34,365 As Shown*